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Pregame Infusion

Elevate your pre-celebration game with our Pregame IV Drip – the ultimate infusion designed to detox your body and provide a lasting boost, ensuring you feel great and energized all night! Perfect before vacations or weddings, this infusion features fluids and electrolytes for extended hydration. The B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6) aids in breaking down alcohol, preventing migraines and headaches before the hangover starts, while B12 enhances focus and energy. Vitamin C supports the liver in processing alcohol, and the infusion is enriched with Glutamine for gut health, Arginine for an energy boost, Leucine to prevent muscular fatigue, Ornithine for improved athletic performance, Glycine for antioxidant support, and Taurine for a natural energy boost with anxiety-relieving properties. Unleash the power of Pregame to keep you moving and feeling fantastic throughout your celebration!

Hangover Helper IV

1 liter of IV hydration with electrolytes, IV nausea medicine (Zofran or Reglan), and IV pain medicine (Toradol).