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Healing Hydration IVs

Discover the transformative power of Healing Hydration Infusions at Chesapeake Express IV. Our carefully crafted infusions are designed to replenish, revitalize, and restore your body from the inside out. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, our Healing Hydration Infusions provide a boost to your overall wellness. Whether you're recovering from a busy week, seeking relief from dehydration, or simply looking to enhance your vitality, our infusions offer a tailored solution. Experience the rejuvenating effects of optimal hydration with Chesapeake Express IV and embark on a journey to a more revitalized and resilient you.

IV Hydration With Electrolytes 

Tailored for those seeking rapid and effective hydration, this infusion delivers a refreshing boost of fluids and essential electrolytes to revitalize your body, ensuring you feel recharged and revitalized.


IV Hydration with IV Nausea Medicine

Replenish and refresh with our specialized IV Fluids with Nausea Medication infusion, featuring 1 liter of hydrating IV fluid and the choice of Zofran or Reglan for effective nausea relief. Ideal for individuals dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, food poisoning, or a stubborn stomach bug. Additionally, enhance your experience by opting for IV Pepcid if needed. Prioritize your well-being with this tailored infusion designed to bring relief and hydration when you need it most.


Personalized IV Session

Discover the perfect IV infusion tailored to your unique needs with our Personalized IV Session. Our dedicated nurse will guide you through a one-on-one consultation, discussing your specific health goals and requirements. Together, we'll choose the ideal IV drip to address your individual needs, ensuring a customized and effective wellness experience. 


Myers Complete IV Drip

Experience the transformative benefits of our Myers Complete IV Drip, a renowned infusion created by Dr. John Myers to alleviate symptoms associated with various illnesses including RA, migraines, headaches, allergies, arthritis, GI malabsorption, diabetes, and chronic fatigue. This powerful blend includes essential B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B4) for improved brain function, eye health, memory, gut health, and immunity. Vitamin C boosts immunity, fights cancer cells, and protects against cardiovascular disease, while B12 acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and promotes brain and nerve health. Magnesium supports sleep quality and a healthy cardiovascular system, B5 increases metabolic rate and immune system, and B6 detoxifies the liver and enhances cognitive function. Elevate your well-being with this comprehensive infusion addressing multiple health concerns.


Emergent-C Immunity Increase IV Drip

Fortify your immune system and combat sickness with our Emergent-C Immunity Boosting IV Drip. This infusion is carefully curated to enhance immunity and includes key components such as Zinc, a powerful antioxidant that increases immunity and aids in wound healing, and B12, which plays a crucial role in producing infection-fighting white blood cells. Vitamin B6 boosts the immune response to cells, while the B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) significantly elevates natural immune responses, defends against illnesses, and helps maintain GI wall linings. Vitamin C enhances overall immune system function and accelerates recovery from colds, flus, or covid infections. Lysine promotes skin regeneration and wound healing, and Magnesium aids in breaking up mucous and relieving cough symptoms.


Pregame IV Drip

Elevate your pre-celebration game with our Pregame IV Drip – the ultimate infusion designed to detox your body and provide a lasting boost, ensuring you feel great and energized all night! Perfect before vacations or weddings, this infusion features fluids and electrolytes for extended hydration. The B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6) aids in breaking down alcohol, preventing migraines and headaches before the hangover starts, while B12 enhances focus and energy. Vitamin C supports the liver in processing alcohol, and the infusion is enriched with Glutamine for gut health, Arginine for an energy boost, Leucine to prevent muscular fatigue, Ornithine for improved athletic performance, Glycine for antioxidant support, and Taurine for a natural energy boost with anxiety-relieving properties. Unleash the power of Pregame to keep you moving and feeling fantastic throughout your celebration!


Hangover Help IV Drip

Conquer your hangover swiftly with our Hangover Helper IV Drip – a rapid remedy featuring 1 liter of IV hydration enriched with electrolytes, accompanied by IV nausea medicine (Zofran or Reglan), and IV pain medicine (Toradol). This potent combination ensures a quick and effective solution to alleviate hangover symptoms, providing relief from dehydration, nausea, and pain. Let the soothing effects of this infusion restore your well-being and have you feeling revitalized in no time.


Anti-Anxiety IV Drip

Experience tranquility with our Anti-Anxiety IV Drip, carefully formulated to provide relief and promote relaxation. This infusion includes Vitamin C to lower cortisol levels, B12 for mood enhancement and increased energy, B Complex to reduce stress and improve mood, and Magnesium for natural muscle and mind relaxation. Additionally, the infusion features 500 mg of L-Taurine, known to alleviate anxiety symptoms, calm the nervous system, enhance GABA production (similar to how Xanax works but without unwanted side effects), and promote mental clarity. Embrace a sense of calm and well-being with this targeted blend designed to soothe both the body and mind.


Fertility Booster IV Drip

Elevate your fertility journey with our Fertility Booster IV Drip, thoughtfully crafted to support reproductive success. This infusion features key ingredients such as L-Carnitine, promoting mitochondrial function and hormone regulation, increasing sperm counts and motility in males. L-Arginine boosts blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, aiding conception and hormone regulation. Magnesium maintains optimal blood supply to the womb and supports progesterone production. L-Glycine supports full egg development, while B Vitamins promote healthy ovulation and reduce the risk of ovulatory issues. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) enhances egg quality, maturation, and implantation. Vitamin C improves hormonal regulation, and B12 lowers homocysteine levels, enhancing the odds of successful conception and supporting proper brain and nervous system function. Recommended for administration during menses, our Fertility Booster IV Drip is designed to empower your fertility journey.


Migraine Relief IV Drip

Find relief from migraines with our Migraine Relief IV Drip, meticulously formulated to address the root causes and provide quick relief. This infusion includes B12, known for reducing brain inflammation and enhancing brain and nerve function, along with Magnesium to purify blood, relax tense muscles, and prevent migraine recurrence. Vitamin C, administered intravenously, immediately reduces inflammation, protects the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. The comprehensive B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6) detoxifies the liver, promotes cell regeneration, reduces stress, and enhances heart health. L-Taurine relaxes the nervous system, decreases brain inflammation, and reduces the risk of future migraines. Reglan, safe for pregnancy, is included for its efficacy in eliminating headaches, while Toradol, a potent NSAID anti-inflammatory, provides quick relief without GI side effects. Experience rapid and effective relief for migraines with our specialized infusion.


Gut Health IV Drip

Nourish your gut health with our specialized Gut Health IV Drip, featuring a key ingredient—IV glutamine—to promote healing of the gut flora. Numerous studies attest to the benefits of glutamine in supporting gut health, especially in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. As an essential amino acid, glutamine contributes to building a healthy microbiome in the intestines. Unlike oral glutamine supplements, which face low absorption rates due to stomach secretions, our IV infusion ensures optimal delivery.

Ideal for individuals with IBS, inflammatory bowel disease (as conjunctive therapy, not treatment), or those seeking to restore gut flora after illness or antibiotic use. The infusion combines Glutamine with B12, Vitamin C, and a complete B complex (all B vitamins) for a comprehensive approach to enhance and maintain gut health. Prioritize your digestive well-being with this specialized infusion.


Jet Lag IV Drip

Revive your body after travel with our Jet Lag IV Drip, a potent blend of B Vitamins, B12, Vitamin C, magnesium, and a multi-amino acid mix including L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, L-Ornithine, Glycine, and Taurine. This infusion promotes energy, immune support, gut health, and sleep aid to combat travel fatigue. L-Arginine boosts metabolism, L-Taurine enhances mental clarity, and L-Leucine & L-Ornithine strengthen muscles and bones, reducing soreness. Glycine detoxifies, heals wounds, and supports collagen. Experience a revitalizing boost for a swift recovery from jet lag.


Vitamin C IV Drip

Experience the transformative benefits of our Vitamin C IV Drip at Chesapeake Express IV. Our high-dose infusion provides a powerful boost to your immune system, fights fatigue, and even offers anti-cancer benefits. Replenish your body with this essential nutrient and discover the positive impact it can have on your overall health and wellness. Includes 10 grams of Vitamin C, Fluid, and Electrolytes.

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