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Post- Bariatric IV Drip

At 100% absorption, give your body the boost it needs!

  • 45 minutes
  • $165 - $250
  • Housley Road|Mountain Road

Service Description

2 mg B12 - Prevent anemia, supports bone, hair, skin, and nail health, and energy B Vitamins 100 mg of B1, 2mg of B2, 100 mg of B3, 252 mg of B5, 102 mg of B6: Commonly deficient after weight loss surgery especially - 100 mg Thiamine (B1) which is essential for our metabolism, digestion, and energy production 15 mg of Biotin (B7) - Promotes hair growth and strengthens hair cells Vitamin C - 2,500 mg - Helps repair tissue, boosts immune system preventing infections, and build collagen Zinc - 5 mg - Commonly depleted mineral after weight loss surgery- important for tissue repair and immune system function Lysine - 100 mg - Amino acid that is vital for wound healing, decreases scar tissue, promotes collagen and tightens skin

Contact Details

  • 3015329677

  • 3015329677

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