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Gut Health IV Drip

Help heal your gut of inflammation and rebuild your natural gut flora

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $175-250
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

We use IV glutamine in this infusion to help heal the gut flora. Numerous studies have been done about the benefits of glutamine and gut health. Oral glutamine supplements have been used for years in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. It is an all natural amino acid that is essential for our gut health and building a healthy microbiome (lining in intestines). However, the one thing about oral glutamine is that only 10-20% is actually absorbed since amino acids get destroyed by natural stomach secretions. Perfect for anyone with IBS, inflammatory bowel disease (used as conjunctive therapy- not treatment), or anyone that recently was sick or took antibiotics and can't seem to get their gut flora back on track. All ingredients: Glutamine, B12, Vitamin C, and B complex (all the B vitamins), Magnesium Sulfate (if necessary - helps with diarrhea - can help you take a nap or help you feel relaxed) in this infusion.

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